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The Lord’s Day Is a Gift from God

Come Worship With Us!

Sunday Starting at 10:30 am - we meet in the Epping Community Hall

9 Oxford St, Epping NSW 2121, Australia

Instead of seeing the Lord’s Day as a rule that stifles our “weekend,” we need to view it as a gift from God that actually structures our lives. The practice of the Lord’s Day is not legalism, but it is a part of our piety, providing us physical and spiritual rest. We sanctify the day because we belong not to this age that is passing away but to the glorious age to come. We need to acknowledge, then, that Sunday is the Lord’s Day and not the Lord’s morning (or, sadly, the Lord’s hour), just as the Sabbath was a day of rest.

As Christians, we have been liberated from “the land of Egypt,… [from] the house of slavery” (Ex. 20:2Deut. 5:6), which is the enslaving power of sin and Satan. Now we are “slaves of God” (Rom. 6:22). As His servants, we are to give ourselves to self-sacrificial worship of God, through Christ, in the power of the Spirit (Rom. 12:1–2Eph. 2:18). We are to set aside the Lord’s Day to remember our creation (Ex. 20:11) and re-creation (Deut. 5:15) in public worship.


"Never be absent from God’s house on Sundays, without good reason,—never to miss the Lord’s Supper when administered in our own congregation,—never to let our place be empty when means of grace are going on, this is one way to be a growing and prosperous Christian. The very sermon that we needlessly miss, may contain a precious word in season for our souls. The very assembly for prayer and praise from which we stay away, may be the very gathering that would have cheered, and established, and quickened our hearts."

J.C. Ryle

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