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As a Church we are here to glorify God in simple and dignified worship. To sing, pray and preach-the Word of God in order to honour God and edify all.

We are a Christian church that desires to both glorify and enjoy God through real and lasting relationship with Him. 

We have local churches in Australia, Vanuatu and Fiji, and are committed to ‘Preaching the Lord Jesus Christ from the Scriptures and salvation by grace’. Our churches are made up of people from diverse backgrounds, age groups, nationalities, professions and even religious upbringings. You certainly don’t have to have grown up a ‘Presbyterian’ to feel at home here. If you are someone wanting to find out about Christianity for the very first time, or a Christian looking for a spiritual home where you can grow and serve, you are very welcome to visit, call or email one of our local churches. 

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