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What we Believe

Worshipping the Triune God:

We love and want to obey the majestic God revealed in the Bible. Within the Godhead there is a unity of three distinct yet fully divine persons (One Being, in three subsistences); God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit; these three are one true, eternal God, the same in substance, equal in power and glory. As God is the centre and ultimate purpose of all things, we also strive to make worshipping Him and sharing His glory the dominant feature of our church life. Together with love for others, sharing God’s glory and the wonder of His grace is our primary motive for active local outreach and overseas missions. 

The Holy Scriptures: 

We take the Bible very seriously because it is God-breathed, objective truth that applies in all generations. As the inspired word of God, we receive the Old and New Testaments as being all-sufficient and without error. The Bible is our final and only authority for faith and life as individuals, families and churches. Historically, this has been referred to as ‘Sola Scriptura’ – the Scriptures Alone. 

The Lord Jesus Christ: 

We proclaim the wonderful news that this majestic God has stooped down to intervene in the lives of people like us: sinners who were determined to rebel against Him. Together, we rejoice in the Lord Jesus Christ, who is truly God and truly man; having two natures inseparably united in one divine person without confusion, mixture, separation, or division. He is the Eternal Son of God, the only Redeemer of sinners and our most enduring Friend. Historically, this has been referred to as ‘Solus Christus’ – Christ Alone. 

Salvation by God’s Grace: 

We testify to our communities that God is justly displeased with our sin (the failure to love and obey Him) and that we can only be rescued from judgment by His unmerited favour. Together, we stand amazed – even despite our rebellion against Him – that God graciously sent His Son to fully love and obey as a real Man and then bear the penalty of eternal death for sin. He freely did both of these so that the sins of His people could be completely forgiven. Historically, this has been known as ‘Sola Gratia’ – Grace Alone. 

Salvation received through Faith: 

We rejoice that salvation is found in Christ alone, offered by God’s grace alone and received through faith alone. Together, we preach the Bible’s message that the chasm between us and the eternal God is infinitely wide; no sinful human (not even the most ‘religious’) can be made right with God by their attempts to do good works. This is why we also preach the Bible’s amazing news that the righteousness that belongs to Jesus Christ may be transferred to rebellious sinners, and their guilt and debt transferred to Christ, not by good works but by depending in faith entirely upon the Lord Jesus (and nothing or no one else). Historically, this has been known as ‘Sola Fide’ – Faith Alone. 

Everything for God’s Glory: 

We seek to direct all praise and glory in the church to God alone because He is both the Creator of all life and the Redeemer of His people. Together we strive for approaches to ministry that place the focus solely on the glorious, eternal God rather than on people and their gifts. While we endeavour for our churches and outreach to be accessible to the culture(s) in which we live, our ultimate goal is to be God-centred and not man-centred. Historically, this has been known as ‘Soli Deo Gloria’ — To the Glory of God Alone. 

The above is just a short summary of some key points we believe and share in common with millions of Christians around the world. A complete summary of what we believe the Bible teaches may be found in the Westminster Confession of Faith (with minor amendments by the PRC).

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